Buncefield can produce one-off copies of any of the label releases (except BUNCE0013 – installation / performance only) to order, but while the hunt continues for the capital to fund a proper release, none of the ‘discography’ is available at high street prices. Each piece is made to order, as a numbered edition. All releases up till ‘Songs for Ethylene Glycol ‘ are available in editions of 50 (except ‘The Situationist’ – see below). Prices on application.

Photographers interested in having their images encoded to audio and cut to everlasting vinyl dubplate, are welcome to contact directly or use the form below.

bunce disc face

If you are happy with just an encoded track, to make your own cassette, pirate style, email me and we’ll talk.


Organisations interested in working with Buncefield collaboratively are welcome to submit proposals or suggestions by email. I am interested in projects which deal with the following issues:

  • the fragility of digital media versus the need for archival storage
  • hybrids of analogue and digital cultures
  • the persistence of material media in a ‘digital age.’
  • mail art
  • collaborative, community or group projects (‘time capsules’)
  • sending stuff into space

BUNCE001 (The Situationist) is available in a limited edition of 10 (1 AP, destroyed) and is custom made to your specifications for laptop, phone or tablet. Available in all formats, with artist’s documentation. POA. Contact or use the form below.


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