Pending … Songs for Ethylene Glycol. BUNCE016

A cassette release, with downloadable lyric sheet (PDF), making use of TextEdit’s speech function and Processing’s Speech Recognition library to encode and decode photographic images, as raster scans and as blobs/shapes. The first Buncefield release to offer the possibility of live public performance by human voice.

Release planned: May 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 23.29.05


Concentricism was launched on Kickstarter in October 2013, and was planned as a 12 track 10″ EP in an edition of 1000, but only reached £261 of its £3000 goal, mostly because of wilful obscurantism on the part of the marketing department. The 14 people who backed the release were approached with the offer of an encoded track, and two responded: Dan Pope and Simon Patterson, whose images were converted to audio and who were sent a copy of the code. Despite the failure of its ambitious goals, Concentricism can claim to be a full Buncefield release on account of some people other than myself having heard / seen it somewhere.

concentricism logo 1


UnVoyager:  10 inch EP, featuring images by Adam Brown, Murrell / Goodwin, Ann Vardanega, Raul Posse, John Simmons, Sarah Welch, Jamie House, Sebastian Edge, Daniel Rubinstein, Adrian Holme, Anthony O’Donnell, Chris Shade. (2 copies cut)

chris shade

Paradise Place (Chris Shade)

adrian holme

Adrian Holme

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 01.15.59

Anthony O’Donnell

UnVoyager 1 (BUNCE012)

12″ vinyl dubplate with images by Adam Brown (1 copy), one testcard plus 12 1000 x 600 pixel images of Townsville, Queensland and environs, encoded as RGB rasters, plus decoding app (Processing 1.5)


(Adam Brown, thumping the turntable)


(Adam Brown)


(Adam Brown, image from UnVoyager 1, played through version 2 of the decoding app.)

Relative Safety

Cassette release, 4 tapes, featuring images of post-Yasi destruction, overlaid with media comments relating to the state’s failure to evacuate Palm Island (Queensland, Australia) in the advent of a category 6 cyclone. Images 200 x 200 pixels, encoded as sine-wave bursts.

BUNCE002 Informal

BUNCE003 Relative Safety

BUNCE004 Dunk

BUNCE005 Ferry

The Situationist BUNCE001

This was a customised cover for a MacBook Pro, made from an acrylic shell covered in epoxy resin and dipped in sand, to give a sandpaper finish. The cover of Memoires was intended to destroy adjacent books on the bookshelf, but can you attack data physically? How vulnerable is the carrier medium, and what proportion of content can be passed off as style?

The fact that is is not a record is a reference to the first release on Factory Records which was a pair of earplugs. Also a reference to the Durutti Column’s famous sandpaper covered LP, (and that one by the Feederz, of course!)


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