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Buncefield Soundsystem at the Photographers’ Gallery

On October 24th 2015 Buncefield Records was invited to take part in a public workshop at the Photographers’ Gallery, London, demonstrating the techniques behind the label concept: visitors could have their images transcoded to sound, and recorded to 1/4″ tape!

To celebrate 25 years of Photoshop, the Photographers’ Gallery threw a party the same evening. Buncefield played out some data, Eddie Otchere DJ’d and at the end of the night Adam and Eddie went back-to-back with a mix of data sounds and eclectic music with a photographic theme. Photek / JPEG collision. Here are some images from the night!

Noisy. Here’s a linky…

The Photographers’ Gallery Geekender


Concentricism at Bristol Festival of Photography, May 22nd 2014


I was invited to present the project Concentricism at Bristol Festival of Photography, 2014. A great night, with the full double-deck setup resulting in possibly the best image quality so far.


The event featured an amazing talk by Henry from Dub Studio talking about the acoustic engineering behind the project. Wonderful insights into the intricacies of cutting complex sound files to vinyl. We talked about how the discs I was playing had been round the world, and were returning home to Bristol! It was great to finally meet Henry, having made contact while I was in Australia.



The night also featured a fantastic performance by H.L Collins, who uses contact mics, pickups and modified decks to create immersive soundscapes in real time.


Also on DJ duties was Mr. Hopkinson, showcasing his upside-down vinyl skills.


All images by Dan Pope, who organised the night.

See the full set here…


UnVoyager 2 – Buncefield vinyl debut at JCU

In 2012 Buncefield put out a call for photographers to submit images to be processed and cut to disc. 6 UK based and 6 Australia based photographers responded, and their images were cut to everlasting dubplate by Dubstudio in Bristol, UK. The disc was posted by snailmail to Townsville, North Queensland, and  played out for the first time at James Cook University’s School of Creative Arts Staff Show. Australia.

Featured artists:

Adam Brown (label boss)

Australian artists:

Elly Murrell/Mitch Goodwin, Sarah Welch, Ann Vardanega, Raul Posse, John Simmons.

UK photographers:

Anonymous Bosch, Chris Shade, Adrian Holme, Sebastian Edge, Jamie House, Daniel Rubinstein

ab bunce soca

AB demoing the rig at the SOCA staff show (image: Sarah Welch)

Radio Buncefield on Nicecast

Radio Buncefield on Nicecast

As part of Electrofringe, Radio Buncefield broadcast a picture of Ross River Road Nursery in Townsville pixel-by-pixel, read out by TextEdit, from a script generated in Processing from the original JPG. (The radio station was online for an hour, so the complete picture didn’t emerge – it would have taken about 13 days or more to transmit the whole image this way).

The work was an attempt to recreate a  cold war ‘numbers station,’ only instead of intelligence data, it transmitted image data – drawing an equivalence between two different types of fact.