UnVoyager 2 – Buncefield vinyl debut at JCU

In 2012 Buncefield put out a call for photographers to submit images to be processed and cut to disc. 6 UK based and 6 Australia based photographers responded, and their images were cut to everlasting dubplate by Dubstudio in Bristol, UK. The disc was posted by snailmail to Townsville, North Queensland, and  played out for the first time at James Cook University’s School of Creative Arts Staff Show. Australia.

Featured artists:

Adam Brown (label boss)

Australian artists:

Elly Murrell/Mitch Goodwin, Sarah Welch, Ann Vardanega, Raul Posse, John Simmons.

UK photographers:

Anonymous Bosch, Chris Shade, Adrian Holme, Sebastian Edge, Jamie House, Daniel Rubinstein

ab bunce soca

AB demoing the rig at the SOCA staff show (image: Sarah Welch)