Buncefield at Electrofringe, May 2011

Early Buncefield cassette release, exhibited at Electrofringe, Townsville, May-June 2011. The technique trialled in this early version was based on encoding data in sine wave bursts, making for a prettier sound but much slower data rate. The images stored on the tapes were a comment on the failure of the state of Queensland to evacuate the residents of Palm Island in advance of Cyclone Yasi in early 2011. The work was shown alongside The Situationist and Radio Buncefield.


Radio Buncefield on Nicecast

Radio Buncefield on Nicecast

As part of Electrofringe, Radio Buncefield broadcast a picture of Ross River Road Nursery in Townsville pixel-by-pixel, read out by TextEdit, from a script generated in Processing from the original JPG. (The radio station was online for an hour, so the complete picture didn’t emerge – it would have taken about 13 days or more to transmit the whole image this way).

The work was an attempt to recreate a  cold war ‘numbers station,’ only instead of intelligence data, it transmitted image data – drawing an equivalence between two different types of fact.